C)PTE - Certified Penetration Testing Engineer

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Duration: 5 Days

Class Format Options:
Instructor-led classroom or
Live Online Training‏


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The Certified Penetration Testing Engineer course trains students on the 5 key elements of penetration testing: information gathering, scanning, enumeration, exploitation and reporting. Ethical hacking is the art of using these penetration testing techniques to identify and repair the latest vulnerabilities in a system to make sure it is secure. Malicious hackers use these same techniques to find the same vulnerabilities except they exploit the vulnerabilities giving them access to the businesses’ network. Once inside, hackers can access private information, such as usernames, passwords, credit card numbers, and social security numbers of clients and employees. It’s very likely this data will be held for ransom or sold off on a black market. Hackers are constantly looking for new companies they can exploit; when they come across yours, will they be able to gain access? Certified Penetration Testing Engineers are the solution to prevent this from happening to businesses they serve.

With our proprietary penetration testing lab exercises, students will spend about 20 hours getting real-world penetration testing experience. They'll know what they are learning and they'll know how to use it after course. Our instructors will also provide real life examples of when to use the techniques that are being taught. There is no better way to learn the art of penetration testing.

This course also enhances the business skills needed to identify protection opportunities, justify testing activities and optimize security controls appropriate to the business needs in order to reduce business risk.

The C)PTE’s foundation is built firmly upon proven, hands-on, penetration testing methodologies utilized by our international group of vulnerability consultants. Mile2 trainers keep abreast of their field by practicing what they teach; we believe that an equal emphasis on theoretical and real world experience is essential for effective knowledge transfer to you, the student.



Students will:

  • Have knowledge to perform penetration test
  • Have knowledge to accurately report on their findings from examinations
  • Be ready to sit for the C)PTE exam.

Also available as:
Attend live classes from anywhere in the world!

  •  Our Live Online classes make use of industry standard meeting and collaboration technologies.  Students use simple web based tools to view slides, the instructors desktop, and videos all while holding live audio (and chat) discussions with the instructor.
  • During lab time, each remote student has a dedicated high spec remote PC. Students have full desktop access as if they were sitting in-front a PC in the actual computer lab.
  • The instructor monitors each student’s PC as they perform the labs remotely. The instructor can access the remote student’s system to demonstrate and assist in the event questions arise.
  • Public and private text chat allows for increased interactivity between students and instructor during class in a way that prevents interruptions to other students.



Module 0: Course Overview
Module 1: Logistics of Pen Testing
Module 2: Linux Fundamentals
Module 3: Information Gathering
Module 4: Detecting Live Systems
Module 5: Enumeration
Module 6: Vulnerability Assessments
Module 7: Malware Goes Undercover
Module 8: Windows Hacking
Module 9: Hacking UNIX/Linux
Module 10: Advanced Exploitation Techniques
Module 11: Pen Testing Wireless Networks
Module 12: Networks, Sniffing and IDS
Module 13: Injecting the Database
Module 14: Attacking Web Technologies
Module 15: Project Documentation
Lab 1: Getting Set Up
Lab 2: Linux Fundamentals
Lab 3:Information Gathering
Lab 4: Detecting Live Systems
Lab 5: Reconnaissance
Lab 6: Vulnerability Assessment
Lab 7: Malware
Lab 8: Windows Hacking
Lab 9: UNIX/Linux Hacking
Lab 10: Advanced Vulnerability and Exploitation
Lab 11: Attacking Wireless Networks
Lab 12: Network Sniffing and IDS
Lab 13: Database Hacking
Lab 14: Hacking Web Applications
Lab A5: Cryptography
Post Class Lab: Core Impact

Instructor: José L. Quiñones has 15+ years of experience in the IT field and holds a Bachelors in Science in Electronic Engineering Technology, holds various professional certifications in systems administration area such as: MCP, MCSA, MCT and RHCSA, but also in the IT security field such as: CEH, CEI, GCIH and GPEN. Mainly workes in the Health and Education industries as IT Director for a Medical School, but also works as an independent consultant in IT infrastructure and security architecture. Jose has design courses and workshops in Networking, Windows, Linux, Virtualization, Ethical Hacking and Incident Handling; and teaches certification programs for professional educational companies.


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Our Courses Includes*:

  • Digital Books
  • Focused on practical solutions to real-world development problems
  • Certified of Attendance
  • Certification Exams (optional)
  • Elearning Optional
  • Equipment for hands-on labs.
    Instructor Certified (working in the field)
  • Comfortable Facilities
  • Convenient location in Hato Rey
  • Continuing Education Credit (if you qualify)


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