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CompTIA A+ 801 Practice 

Question 1
Objective: Identify types of network cables and connectors 

Which of the following is the definition of an ST fiber connector?
a) Synthetic Tip
b) Standard Tip
c) Steel Tip
d) Straight Tip

Question 2
Objective: Given a scenario, demonstrate proper communication and professionalism 

Customer satisfaction is best achieved by:
a) never minimizing the customer’s problems.
b) being defensive.
c) talking to coworkers while interacting with customers.
d) being judgmental.

Question 3
Objective: Install and configure storage devices and use appropriate media 

SCSI hard drives can spin at a maximum speed of:
a) 5,400 rpm.
b) 7,200 rpm.
c)10,000 rpm.
d)15,000 rpm.

Question 4
Objective: Identify connector types and associated cables 

Which of the following video connectors can display the HIGHEST resolution?
a) Composite
c) VGA
d) S-video

Question 5
Objective: Given a scenario, demonstrate proper communication and professionalism 

While attempting to resolve an issue, a customer talks to the technician about a recent activity that has no relevance on the repair. Which of the following is the MOST appropriate response?
a) Ask the customer for a timetable about recent activities.
b) Let the costumer complete their statement and then continue resolving the issue.
c) Document the customer’s statement and continue resolving the issue.
d) State that the activity is not relevant to the repair and continue resolving the issue.

Question 6
Objective: Configure and apply BIOS settings 

Which of the following is MOST likely used at a large company? (Select TWO).
a) Windows 7 Home Premium
b) Windows 7 Professional
c) Windows XP Professional
d) Windows 7 Starter
e) Windows Vista Home Premium

Question 7
Objective: Compare and contrast network devices, their functions, and features 

Hubs, switches, routers, VoIP phones and NIC cards all have which of the following out of the box?
a) PS/2 port
b) IP addresses
d) MAC addresses

Question 8
Objective: Differentiate among various CPU types and features and select the appropriate cooling method 

Which of the following is a best practice when applying thermal paste?
a) Follow the CPU manufacture’s guidelines and apply the correct amount of thermal paste.
b) The more thermal paste applied, the better.
c) Use as much as desired, as long as it is the most popular thermal paste.
d) The less thermal paste applied, the better.

Question 9
Objective: Explain properties and characteristics of TCP/IP 

Which of the following is an example of an APIPA address?

Question 10
Objective: Given a scenario, install and configure printers 

A supervisor has asked a technician to configure some Windows 7 PCs with some pre-established shared printers. The printers are all accessed via a wireless network. Where would a technician go in Windows 7 to add these printers?
a) %SystemDir%\Resources
b) Enter the paths to the printers in the Registry.
c) Start >Devices and Printers >Add a printer
d) Start >Devices and Printers >Add a Device

Question 11
Objective: Given a scenario, install and configure printers 

A technician is deploying Windows 7 in a company. The supervisor wants to ensure that greatest flexibility is provided for the employees when printing. Which of the following lists defines all of the supported Windows 7 interfaces?
a) USB, Network, LPT, and Wireless
b) USB, IR, Bluetooth, and Network
c) IR, LPT, and USB
d) IR, LPT, Network, USB, and Wireless

Question 12
Objective: Evaluate and select appropriate components for a custom configuration, to meet customer specifications or needs 

A custom configured PC with surround sound audio, HDMI output, and a compact form factor would be MOST suited to which of the following applications?
a) Thick Client
b) Gaming PC
c) Audio / Video Editing Workstation
d) Home Theater PC

Question 13
Objective: Identify various types of networks 

Which of the following network types would be MOST likely used on a high school campus?
a) MAN
b) LAN
c) PAN
d) WAN

Question 14
Objective: Compare and contrast laptop features 

A laptop docking station does which of the following?
a) Allows the user to synchronize mobile devices without additional hardware
b) Allows the user to connect one device to a monitor, network drop, and USB printer
c) Allows the user to connect wireless devices more efficiently
d) Allows the user to protect sensitive data more effectively

Question 15
Objective: Compare and contrast wireless networking standards and encryption types 

Which of the following wireless encryption technologies is the WEAKEST?
a) WPA2
b) WEP
c) WPA

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