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CompTIA A+ 802 Practice 

Question 1.
Which of the following does PXE use?
a) USB
d) NIC

Question 2.
Which of the following application stores are compatible with iOS? 
a) Android Market
b) Windows Marketplace
c) App Store
d) Amazon Appstore

Question 3.
A company would like to increase the security on their company’s smart phones. Which of the following should be configured to ensure information stored on a smart phone can be removed if it is lost or stolen?
a) Username and passwords
b) Remote wipe
c) Strong password complexity
d) Failed login attempts restrictions

Question 4.
Which of the following disk defragmentation command line options is used to perform operation on ALL volumes in Windows OS?
a) /A
b) /C
c) /H
d) /E

Question 5.
A technician just finished removing spyware from a computer and now they are not able to connect to any websites. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause?
a) Automatic configuration
b) Network card driver is damaged
c) Proxy settings
d) The Internet is not functioning

Question 6 .
Which of the following network devices allows for full-duplex communication?
a) Hub
b) Bridge
c) Switch
d) Firewall

Question 7.
A customer reports that their computer crashes during usage. Which of the following is a common acronym used to describe this condition?
b) VPN
d) LAN

Question 8.
Software threats to a computer are commonly referred to as: 
a) device drivers.
b) malware.
c) biometrics.
d) SOHO.

Question 9.
Which of the following user accounts has the LEAST access privileges?
a) Standard
b) Guest
c) Administrator
d) Power

Question 10.
A user wishes to secure their tablet from unauthorized access. The BEST option is to:?
a) enable RFID authentication. 
b) establish a remote wipe policy.
c) setup a strong passcode.
d) establish strong email passwords.

Question 11.
Which of the following is MOST likely an advantage that a tablet has over a laptop PC?
a) A tablet is easily upgraded.
b) A tablet is lightweight.
c) A tablet has a larger screen.
d) A tablet can natively run most software.

Question 12 
Which of the following is a common type of biometric authentication on a laptop? (Select TWO).?
a) Facial recognition
b) Blood sample
c) Retinal
d) Voice recognition
e) Fingerprint

Question 13.
A user calls about their workstation not powering on in the morning. According to the troubleshooting theory, which of the following steps should the technician perform NEXT?
a) Document the resolution to problem.
b) Purchase the appropriate replacement part.
c) Verify that the workstation is able to boot up.
d) Ask the user about any previous changes.

Question 14.
A customer wants games from their child’s Windows XP computer removed. Which of the following is the BEST way to accomplish this task?
a) Control Panel > Game Controller > Select controller > click Remove 
b) Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Computer Managementà
c) Control Panel > Add/Remove programs > Add/Remove Windows Components > select Accessories and Utilities > uncheck Games 
d) Programs menu > Right click Games > select Properties > select the Hidden check box

Question 15.
Which of the following should be performed regularly in order to help restore a computer’s data after a hard drive failure?
a) Windows Memory Diagnostics
b) Factory Restore
c) System Restore
d) Scheduled Backups 

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