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Microsoft Office Excel Courses

With the development of business, the application of information technology goes to a higher level too. Employers expect increased expertise in the use of business software from their employees. In order to get a job position that is well-paid and in order to increase your chances in the labor...
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CompTIA A+ and CompTIA Network +

The CompTIA or Computing Technology Industry Association is one of the organizations known for the best certifications in the world of Information Technology. They have been present in this field for more than three decades. Thanks to their unique and even revolutionary way of certification and...
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Best Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Certifications for 2015

We’ve had trouble in the past establishing Mile 2’s bonafide and organizational staying power easily or directly. But we now see that the company has established both staying power (with more thanseven years of ongoing activity in training and certification) and credibility....
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  In the perception of warfare, there is a general fallacy among the uninitiated that superior hardware is the deciding factor. In other words, sophistication and numbers relating to hardware such as fighter aircraft, submarines, warships, artillery, tanks, missiles and bombs will surely...
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US News Reveals 100 Best Jobs – IT Jobs are Top Contenders

  The news is out – IT is one of the hottest career paths on the market today. US News’ top 100 jobs list compiles the best jobs in the U.S. based on job growth, salary, hiring demand, employment rate, stress level and work-life balance. While a diverse range of jobs span the list, from...
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