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Microsoft Office Excel Courses

With the development of business, the application of information technology goes to a higher level too. Employers expect increased expertise in the use of business software from their employees. In order to get a job position that is well-paid and in order to increase your chances in the labor market, the standard level of knowledge in computer technology is no longer sufficient. You need to know more and rise above the competition. One of the programs that come with features and capabilities that provide room for the advancement of knowledge is Microsoft Office Excel. Excel is a unique program that has literally revolutionized office work when it was revealed for the first time. The application of this program in business, science and technology is growing every day. Excel is...
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CompTIA A+ and CompTIA Network +

The CompTIA or Computing Technology Industry Association is one of the organizations known for the best certifications in the world of Information Technology. They have been present in this field for more than three decades. Thanks to their unique and even revolutionary way of certification and education they have changed the IT industry forever. Since Information Technology is a broad field of expertise, it is quite logical to expect different types of certification. Of course, there are certain certifications like CompTIA A+ that are more popular than the others. A+ certifications from CompTIA that you can get after extensive training with the help of IAT professionals are most popular among computer technicians. This certification was created 22 years ago and 14 years later, it...
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Best Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Certifications for 2015

We’ve had trouble in the past establishing Mile 2’s bonafide and organizational staying power easily or directly. But we now see that the company has established both staying power (with more thanseven years of ongoing activity in training and certification) and credibility. According to Mile 2’s Cyber Security Certification Roadmap, the company offers credentials in areas such as virtual machines, application and source code, wireless security, forensics, incident handling, pen testinghacking and IS management leadership as well as disaster recovery. Credentials cater to a wide range of skillsets from the fundamental levels to specialized and more advanced credentials. The Certified Disaster Recovery Engineer (C/DRE) credential is Mile2’s pinnacle DR...
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  In the perception of warfare, there is a general fallacy among the uninitiated that superior hardware is the deciding factor. In other words, sophistication and numbers relating to hardware such as fighter aircraft, submarines, warships, artillery, tanks, missiles and bombs will surely bring the intruder down to his knees. However, the pages of history are replete with examples to the contrary. Regrettably, there is a similar misconception in the management of information assurance – one of neglecting the human element.   Owners and custodians of information assets invest in all forms of “weaponry” to keep the prowler out – anti-virus programs, firewalls, passwords, anti-intrusion applications and so forth. Then, when a compromise does take place, they believe that a one...
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